The NSPCA has grave concerns surrounding the reasons for the euthanasia of the female bear at the East London Zoo earlier this week.

It was brought to light that the bear had become paralyzed in the hind legs and the decision was made to euthanase her. It is unclear how long she had been suffering for.

“We have issued a number of warnings to the East London Zoo with regards to the general condition of the bears in the past and we remain gravely concerned for all the animals kept at this Zoo, we are particularly concerned for the remaining bear who has now lost her companion” said National Inspector Martie Rossouw, Manager of the Wildlife Protection Unit.

The NSPCA will continue to monitor the situation as well as investigate the circumstances surrounding the deterioration and euthanasia of the bear and take the necessary action.

The NSPCA remains of the opinion that wild animals belong in the wild.

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