The NSPCA commends Botswana for taking the firm stance to suspend export licenses for donkey products.

Botswana Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security spokesperson Geoffrey Pheko said the government has “noted with concern the indiscriminate and cruel slaughter of donkeys for their hides which are exported to lucrative markets in Asia.

“In this regard, issuance of all export licenses relating to donkeys and their products for export purposes is suspended indefinitely with immediate effect.”

Donkey skin trade in South Africa:

The NSPCA has been investigating the slaughter of donkeys for their skins for over a year and has six prosecution cases in this regard.

The slaughter of donkeys for their skins has led to a multitude of welfare and social problems. This includes donkeys being butchered in horrific manners, the theft of donkeys, and the devastation this has on the people who rely on them.

These problems are also affecting our neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia.

In March 2017 a delegation from the Donkey Sanctuary UK and the NSPCA met with representatives from Botswana to discuss the concerns with the Donkey Skin Trade.

We congratulate Botswana for taking a stance in protecting the welfare of donkeys and their owners.

The responsible lead taken will have an enormous impact in our region and we strongly advocate that the South African government follow the example set by the Botswana government in protecting our resources, animals and communities.

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