The Special Investigations Unit of the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has once again successfully raided a dog fighting syndicate which led to the arrest of 6 people and the rescue of 24 dogs on Saturday 10 December.

Multiple charges under various criminal Acts will be laid. Shortly before midnight, the NSPCA team swooped in Lawley, south west of Johannesburg, where rival dogfighting “kennel groups” were engaged in the bloody crime.

Some of the dogs at the scene were so badly injured that the NSPCA had no choice but to humanely euthanase them to end their suffering. One dog was found dead at the scene, having been badly mauled and cursory examination revealed that he had later been drowned.

The remaining animals were taken to a place of safety to receive treatment.

Various scheduled veterinary and human drugs were found on the scene. These and other “assets” were seized.

The raid took place with the assistance of selected SAPS personnel to whom sincere appreciation is expressed.

The NSPCA wishes to thank members of the public who support us in our ongoing endeavours to combat the horrendous crime of dog fighting within communities. To those individuals with the courage to come forward with information, you are assured that you may remain anonymous. Your identity will be protected at all costs.

Dog fighting is a truly vicious crime at the expense of animals, yet the harmful impact on South Africa communities also needs to be recognised. The desensitisation to violence that occurs when individuals engage in dogfighting has a detrimental knock-on effect on the society that tolerates this criminal activity.

Syndication, high financial stakes and links with other criminal activities are proven and of grave concern. The work of the NSPCA’s Special Investigations Unit relates primarily to combatting active and premeditated crimes against animals with any and all the resources at our disposal.

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