Sale Of Donkeys and Mules Banned:

The National Council of SPCAs has pleasure in confirming that Gumtree’s Head of Communications, PR and Media, has advised:

“Gumtree has decided to ban the sale of all donkeys and mules on the site, not just the hides and byproducts. We hope that this will play a small part in reducing animal cruelty.”

This is a significant step towards our ultimate aim of having no live animals traded online. Gumtree is applauded and this undertaking is appreciated. It is a meaningful step in the prevention of cruelty to animals and the protection of them by removing a specific market or forum for those who trade in them or their parts.

The NSPCA has motivated why advertising animals for sale (or “free to a good home”) is unethical. It gives a forum to dubious practices including backyard breeding, trading in wildlife and exotic animals as well as having no welfare component when advertisements are placed. Online advertising effectively treats animals as commodities: – which they are not.

“The donkey skin issue has brought the matter to the fore,” explained Christine Kuch of the NSPCA.

“It is a major step forward that Gumtree has taken and for this we support and thank them. They have taken the lead on this issue and deserve credit for recognising the implications and effect of Internet advertising of this kind.

We call upon other web sites to follow this worthy lead, and to widen this to include all animals.



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