The NSPCA dispatched our Disaster Teams early this morning from Alberton to assist animals affected by the devastating fires in the Knysna area.

Many animals have been left displaced and some severely injured and requiring the intervention of the NSPCA Disaster Teams. The aftermath of such devastating fires leaves a trail of destruction. Displaced animals need food and water. Severely injured animals need assistance. Animals suffering from burns require veterinary care and may need to be humanely euthanased to end their suffering if this is extreme and there is no hope of survival.

The situation is dire.

Farm animals and wildlife including small mammals which could not escape the fires are affected, as are domestic animals including pets.

Special thanks are expressed to the George and Mossel Bay SPCAs whose staff have been working tirelessly since yesterday afternoon assisting animals that are in danger or that have been directly affected by the fires. Unfortunately these SPCAs have been prohibited from entering certain areas to rescue animals as a result of the fires being out of control.

The George and Mossel Bay SPCAs took in over 60 animals from the Knysna Animal Welfare Society, in order to make space available for other animals to be admitted from surrounding communities affected by the disaster.

The NSPCA Disaster Teams will assess the situation upon arrival. More Inspectors and Veterinary staff will be deployed to the area if needed.

Please report any displaced or injured animals to the Garden Route SPCA on 044-878-1990 / 1993 or to the National Council of SPCAs on 011-907-3590 giving as much information as possible.


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