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The National Council of SPCAs could not miss the opportunity to submit a nomination for Jane Marston when the annual Women in Law Enforcement Awards invited submissions for “exceptional women” in their leadership category.

At a ceremony held at the Indaba Hotel on 26 May 2016, NSPCA Vice Chairman, Jane Marston, was announced as the winner. Jane Marston has been the NSPCA’s pro bono legal representative since 1997, assisting the NSPCA on all cases through representation and preparation, and obtaining Senior Counsel to become involved, also pro bono.

As stated on the nomination, “Jane leads by example. She has a commitment to the cause through a willingness to consult and mentor and is available no matter how short the notice or inconvenient.”

The NSPCA is a Non Profit organisation, receiving no funding from the government so support of this kind is truly significant and meaningful.

Jane Marston is a past Chairman of the NSPCA, having become an advisory Director in February 1997 and elected as a Director later that year. In 2007 she became Chairman and served a full term of office, remaining on the Board of Directors to date.

Holding the qualifications of B.Proc, LL.B, LL.D and a BA Honours, Jane is an attorney, notary and conveyancer and has had her own practice since 1991.

NSPCA Executive Director, Marcelle Meredith, speaks on behalf of the entire movement in South Africa when she emphasises the importance of enforcement in terms of animal welfare legislation in South Africa, stating that it plays a pivotal role. “It is heartening, encouraging and extremely rewarding that contributions in this area are recognised, especially on a national platform and more importantly, among peers.”

“In congratulating Jane, we give credit to her commitment, expertise, time and professionalism. The time she spends away from her practice is noted: – this contribution is invaluable to us. The amount of money saved is valued income that enables us to spend the funds to assist animals directly and uplift their welfare.”

“The award is worthy recognition. Thank you, Jane. You are indeed a worthy winner: – an exceptional woman.”

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