Zimbabwe National SPCA in need

NSPCA to take legal action
Case against Deputy Mayor in court

Zimbabwe National SPCA in need

The NSPCA urges members of the public, particularly ex-pats of Zimbabwe, to assist the Zimbabwe National SPCA (ZNSPCA) as the situation in Zimbabwe becomes dire.

Protests and unrest have caused the entire country to shut down. The situation is devastating as hospitals run low on supplies, shops are closed and violence disrupts the entire country. The country’s people have been left severely compromised – this includes the animals.

The NSPCA have had a long standing relationship with the ZNSPCA and wish to offer as much support as practicably possible for the organisation that serves and protects all animals in Zimbabwe.

If you are able to make a contribution, no matter how big or small, we ask that it is paid into the NSPCA’s bank account and we will ensure that it reaches Mr Ed Lance, the Chairman of the ZNSPCA, for the purposes of protecting the vulnerable animals that are left lost, displaced, compromised and injured as a result of this shattering situation.

Banking Details:

National Council of SPCAs

Standard Bank – Current account

Account number: 201 032 015

Branch code: 006 405 00

Reference: Zimbabwe

If not you, who? If not now, when?

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