Animal Welfare

Animal Ethics

The NSPCA promotes measures that will help replace animals and reduce the number of animals used.

The sport of animal racing is highly lucrative to human patrons but extremely detrimental to the welfare of animals.

companion animals

The NSPCA assists with all companion animal-related issues, such as adoption, maiming, fireworks, sterilisation etc.

donkeys and mules

Learn more about donkeys under threat in the skin trade, how we uplift South Africa’s donkeys and traction animals.

Farm Animals

The NSPCA assists with all types of farm animals, from cows, goats, sheep etc. and wild animals such as crocodiles.

Aquatic Fauna

Fish DO matter. Learn more about aquaculture, the fishing industry, stress in fish, small bowls and spa fish.

Problem Animals

Information and concerns from the NSPCA about animal poisoning, baboons and monkeys, bats, predators etc.

Service Dog

The National Council does not stand opposed to working animals subject to welfare standards being met.

Wildlife Welfare

The NSPCA assists with the welfare of wild animals such as the illegal pet trade, exotic animals as pets, tortoises etc.