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Donkeys in crisis

Over the past months the NSPCA has issued several reports on the illegal donkey skin trade and the cruelty involved in the horrific slaughter methods.  Donkeys […]

Celebrate Mandela Day with the NSPCA

The general message of Mandela Day is to celebrate the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world. The ability to make an […]

Security company charged for cruelty

Criminal charges were laid against 7 Arrows Security, and Canine Solutions, following the discovery of a dead security dog on a site of 7 Arrows Security. […]

NSPCA Welcomes Judgement

The Kempton Park Magistrates Court found Mr Ruan Verhoef guilty on charges of malicious damage to property. What happened: In August 2016, Mr Verhoef became aggressive towards […]
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