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Whether you are a lover of playful kittens or connect with the loyal family dog; or have a special place in your heart for the gentle lamb and other farm animals; or are inspired by the wondrous nature of wild animals – you can do an act of kindness for them by adopting specific NSPCA Projects, which are focused on addressing the issues affecting particular animals.

By adopting a Project with your monthly gift of R50 or more you will be joining a specialised team in making a significant difference in the lives of animals. As a Project Partner, you’ll stand with Project team members each and every month as they undertake their work to uplift the lives of animals. You will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation and updates of the Project’s activities. If you are a resident in South Africa, your donations are tax deductible and you will be provided with a Section 18(a) Tax Certificate in time for submission with your annual tax return.

Let helping animals become a part of your lifestyle

To help you make your choice, the activities of the individual Projects are listed below. Once you have made your selection please click on the link to access the Electronic Debit Order facility

On behalf of all the animals we serve – We Thank You.

Our Projects

Check out our list of projects and if you’re interested, click on the project you’d like to support.

Animal Ethics

The use of animals in research is an extremely complex and controversial issue both locally and internationally. As such, broad-based practical initiatives are needed to address animal welfare concerns within this field.

Donkey Project

Donkeys and other traction animals make a major contribution to the livelihoods of many people. The harnesses used on these working animals are often makeshift, inappropriate and cause injury and suffering.

Border Wars

The trade and movement of animals is not illegal but the NSPCA continually expresses its concern about the standards of care in the movement of animals both within our own country and through our ports of entry/exit.

Farm Project

The use and abuse of animals raised for food far exceed, in sheer numbers of animals affected, any other kind of mistreatment.

Relief for dogs and cats

The NSPCA promotes animal welfare education and responsible pet ownership for the benefit of both animals and people.

training unit

The NSPCA strives towards a kinder world through training, networking, supporting and uplifting those people involved in actively improving the lives of animals in their communities.

Against Dog Fighting

Dog fighting and the barbaric cruelty and immense suffering involved in this criminal activity receive our focussed attention.

Domestication of Elephants

The NSPCA is appalled by the trade of elephants into captivity and remains vigilant to what is happening at ground level.

Call of the Wild Lions

South Africa has a rich diversity of flora and fauna and is a destination of choice for eco-tourists and sports hunters as well as being a source of wild animals.